The problem with the vast corrupt officials in Ukraine is “exaggerated”, but the accentuation of this theme “enemies” are using to destabilize the government. Such opinion the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in an interview with the Georgian edition of Forbes magazine, excerpts of him leads online Depo.

“I believe that many of our enemies are interested in destabilizing Ukraine and they constantly put forward the problem of corruption in our country. They keep saying that corruption is very common. And they do it everywhere, including abroad… I think this is exaggerated”, he said.

Answering the specifying question of the journalist, with what may be causing this situation – not black do PR, the Prime Minister answered that “this issue is covered in the most negative light to Ukraine with its population of 40 million people look bad.”

Groisman says in an interview with the Georgian edition of Forbes, where a lot of corruption in Ukraine has almost exhausted.

“The list of areas where corruption flourished, obviously reduced,” he said, naming industries where it is already “defeated”: that government purchases, sales of natural gas and procurement of medicines.

The journalist asked the Prime Minister – if he believes that corruption is largely won. Groysman said that she was in “law enforcement, courts, the bodies issuing permits and licenses, as well as in government services.”

“It is extremely important to ensure successful privatization,” he said.

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11 APR 2017 Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has ironically declared its readiness to transfer Yulia Tymoshenko to Russia instead of the money if the Stockholm arbitration court will pass the decision not in favor of Ukraine in the dispute between Naftogaz and Gazprom JSC on gas supply contract. Naftogaz has won a court.

The US, EU and countries-partners of Ukraine regularly call on the Ukrainian authorities work harder to fight corruption and constantly reminded Kiev that the country needs anti-corruption court.

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Groisman believes that the “enemies” are exaggerating the problem of corruption 12.01.2018

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