Media advertising on the Ukrainian Internet in the first half of 2016 continues to grow compared to the first half of 2015. The increase was registered on all the indicators: the total budgets for media advertising during the reporting period increased by 133%, the number of advertised brands at 29%, and advertising campaigns – 60%. This was reported in the analytical report sales house Admixer.

The most active advertisers in the first half of 2016 were brands from the categories of food, Alcohol and Retail.

It is noted that alcohol brands are increasing their presence on the Internet due to the current restrictions on TV advertising for alcohol. Food and Beverages were among the leaders in the number of new brands coming to the Internet this year. A Retail/e-commerce have significantly increased the cost of media advertising.

Also, the leaders in the category Hygiene and Household Chemicals.

In the ranking of industries in their positions in comparison with last year lost only two categories – Telecom and Finance. Mobile operators were very active in the first half of 2015 due to market 3G and rebranding.

This year, advertising budgets of Telecom’s continued growth, but at a much slower pace than the market average.

The banking and financial sector are still in crisis, which significantly affects the activity of advertisers in this segment.

It is reported that in 2016, the influx of brands in the Internet media is growing because of competition between companies for market share. As a result, in the first half, there was a significant influx of new and regained its activity after a break of advertisers and the number of active brands compared to the first half of 2015 was 29%.

Also, due to the high growth rate over the past year, video ad came in first place for collect advertising budgets among media formats. For the first half of the proportion of video formats (in-stream + in-page) was 47%. Video position will continue to strengthen further, due to the arrival of new advertisers from the TV, increasing budgets on this channel and the active use of this format e-commerce projects.

It is noted that the volume of mobile placements grew by 50%. An increasing number of advertisers are adapting their sites and strategies to attract mobile audience.

Also more than two times increased budgets on video ads. In-stream and In-page formats are growing equally fast, as it remains on the market there is a shortage of inventory.

Dynamically growing non-standard embed (+93,6%) and rich media (+59,1%). Standard banners scored +33,9% compared to the first half of 2015.

Admixer according to forecasts, in the next 6 months the trend of the first half will continue. The total volume of placement will exceed last year’s figures, and the annual growth of the media advertising budgets to the Internet will be 45-70% compared to the year 2015.

Most of this growth will be in video advertising, which is growing along with the increase of video viewing on the Internet. Mobile will continue its dynamic growth and continues to grow, including through the development of new advertising formats, In-page Rich Media and Mobile Video.

Of particular interest to advertisers has formed to Programmatic-procurement. Due to appearing on the market tools DoubleСlick from Google, which is Admixer, these technologies are now actively tested brands, and before the end of the year we will see growth in this segment.

Growing demand for media advertising in the Internet: infographics 29.08.2016

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