The state of health of the Ukrainian politzakliuchennogo in Russia Stanislav Cliche has deteriorated, he has been in a coma for six days. This Radio Crimea.Realities said civic activist Olga Afanasyeva, with reference to the mother Stanislaus Cliche.

“I talked to his mom, she went to him recently and he really is in a very serious condition. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital, was so heavily sedated that he is six days spent in a coma, he had bedsores. Mom gets very upset, says that maybe now it can still be saved to any mind he had left… we are Talking about the preservation of life,” said Afanasyev.

30 August 2017 at the latest to the lawyer Ilya Novikov Klyh was in the hospital in Magnitogorsk.

In October 2016, Russian human rights activist Zoya Svetova reported that that Cliche tortured during the arrest and during the preliminary investigation and it affected his mental health.

Klyh sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of “crimes during the Chechen war.”

Health Klaha had worsened, and spent six days in a coma 10.11.2017

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