Since the beginning of the heating season in Kyiv (C16 Oct) without heating there are 7% of houses ZHSK and condominiums and 6 percent of departmental housing. From 4790 administrative buildings and objects of social sphere of the Kiev heat is received only 23 (0.5% of the total). This reports the press service of Kyivenergo.

The company noted that no better situation with the educational institutions, particularly technical schools, universities etc. At the beginning of November to the Central heating is connected only 9 of these institutions of the 203 (only 4.4% of the total).

The main difficulties provide heat to houses ZHSK and condominiums associated with large debts for heat and lack of acts of readiness for the heating season. On the website Kyivenergo and Kyiv city state administration has a list of nearly 100 condominiums and housing cooperatives, the largest debtors. Their total debt more than 100 million UAH.

“The extremely complicated situation with heating and budget organizations. Daily losses from the heating of establishments of social sphere (schools, kindergartens, hospitals) amount to 1.2 million. They were connected to the warmth in crisis mode to address the Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations at the KSCA. And administrative buildings and educational institutions still suffer from unregulated prices for gas”, – is told in the message.

Kyivenergo has written to the national Commission an appeal on the need to resolve the imbalance of the actual tariff and the gas price for budget organizations and “other consumers”, which includes legal customers of the company. Now KYIVENERGO buys gas at 7.9 thousand UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters, whereas in the heating rate of budget organizations put the figure at 4.9 thousand UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters.

“The inaction of the national Commission can be catastrophic for Kyivenergo, the capital. Heating season in Kyiv for state-funded organizations – in jeopardy,” said the company.

PJSC Kyivenergo generates and supplies heat and electricity in Kyiv, is part of Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK.

Heating season in Kyiv under the threat of failure – Kyivenergo 03.11.2017

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