Hong Kong scientists headed If Ozanam made hybrid cell robot from algae covered with iron spiral cyanobacteria safe and can be easily controlled within the body. On it informs edition of Naked Science, citing an article published by the journal Science Robotics.

Scientists are considering the possibility of using as the carrier of the medical systems of living organisms, namely blue-green algae Spirulina platensis. It is a completely safe, edible, photosynthetic cyanobacteria with helical cells, convenient for movement in a liquid medium.

Cells spirulina was covered with nanoparticles of iron oxide by briefly immersing them in a solution. It forced them to respond to external magnetic field, which allowed scientists to control the movement of bacteria: spiral shape, coated magnetic particles, easily goes forward or backward. The authors used a GM line of algae that produce green fluorescent protein. Therefore, the movement of the skin surface was easily visualized, and scientists have demonstrated it in experiments on laboratory rats.

In the deeper layers see “biohybrid robots” by using MRI. The authors even observed the movements of bacterial cells in the stomach of experimental rats, showing that the external magnetic field really allows good to control this movement.

Essential scientists call “bio-compatibility at an affordable cost” – the fact that the managed devices are completely safe for the body. Their complete degradation occurs within hours or days, depending on the thickness of the magnetic coating. The authors now plan to improve “biohybrid” system so that it could be used for targeted drug delivery.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have tested QR-robot flowers-a pollinator.

Hong Kong scientists have made robots out of algae 27.11.2017

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