In Ukraine winter came with snow and sleet, doctors say the risk of injury on ice and propose to follow a few simple tips.

“Remember that the best for ice are the soles of microporous or other soft basis and at the lowest possible heel. Older people better in the “slippery days” never to leave the house. However, if there is such a need, do not hesitate to take a stick with a rubber tip or spike. Remember that two-thirds of the injuries people older than 60 years receive in the fall. Also dangerous in icy conditions for pregnant women are walking without support”, – stated in the message of Department of health of the KSCA.

While walking in icy conditions. I advise you to follow these recommendations:

  • go slowly, relax your legs slightly at the knees, and go to the entire sole. Hands should be occupied with bags. When the balance quickly sit down, this is the most real chance to stay on his feet;
  • in case of a fall brace, strain muscles, and touching the ground, be sure to roll over it’s necessary – an attack on you, will stretch and lose its power of rotation;
  • do not keep hands in pockets – it increases the possibility of not only falling, but severe injuries, especially fractures;
  • avoid the metal manhole covers, as a rule, they are covered with ice;
  • don’t walk near the edge of the carriageway. It’s always dangerous, on slippery roads – especially;
  • don’t run across the roadway during a snowfall and ice. Remember that during this period greatly increases the stopping distance of a car, and fall in front of a moving vehicle can cause serious injury and even death;
  • very dangerous walking in the sleet in a drunken state. In a state of intoxication often receive severe injuries;
  • if you fell and after a while I felt pain in the head, nausea, pain in the joints, formed tumors – immediately contact the emergency room, otherwise complications can occur with negative consequences.

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Earlier today it was reported that near Kiev due to icy conditions there was a major accident involving 11 cars.

In the Kiev region, because of the weather, ice and fog, occurred from the beginning of day more than 100 road accidents.

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How to avoid injuries when black ice: tips trauma 29.11.2017

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