For three years the regime of Bashar Assad used chemical weapons during the civil war in Syria 136 times. This is stated in the report of the Syrian organization for human rights, published on the third anniversary of the use of chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb – Eastern ghouta, according to Anadolu.

“For three years, since the adoption of UN security Council resolution No. 2118 (27 September 2013 – ed.), prohibiting the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the requirements of this document violated 139 times: 136 times – by the forces of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and three times – the terrorists of the Islamic state,” the report says.

Human rights activists stress that even before the adoption of the resolution of the UN security Council, the Assad regime 33 times used poison gas, and after its adoption, only increased the number of chemical attacks.

“97% of the territories where it was applied to the gas was controlled by the opposition, and 3% by Islamic state terrorists. Most chemical weapons have been used in Idlib, near Damascus and in Hama”, – is spoken further in the document.

Since 2013, victims of attacks with chemical weapons in Syria were 88 people, including 45 of the opposition and seven prisoners were in the hands of the Assad regime. Also killed 30 civilians Syrians, 20 of whom are women, and 8 children.

21 Aug 2013 during the operation of the army of Assad on the outskirts of Damascus in the ghouta killed, according to various reports from 650 to 1188 people. Chemical weapons were used.

Later Damascus with Moscow’s mediation, agreed to destroy his chemical Arsenal, and in February 2015, Russia announced a complete chemical disarmament of Syria.

Human rights activists: Assad Regime 136 times used chemical weapons 21.08.2016

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