From 20 to 35 thousand religious fanatics-Islamists living in the UK, more than in any other country of Europe, and in the coming years, the jihadists might try to organize terrorist attacks on European nuclear power plants, warns the head of the antiterrorist center of the EU, Gilles de Kerchove. This writes the British newspaper the Telegraph.

According to him, almost every tenth of this number of British Islamists “alarming” intelligence MI5, and about 500 are under constant surveillance by the security services.

“In France, these 17 thousand, in Spain – a lot less, but more than 5000, I believe. In Belgium from 2000 local radicals for almost 500 people have been in Syria. Wouldn’t want to give exact figures, but in Europe the Islamists, tens of thousands, more than 50 thousand”, – said the head of the antiterrorist direction of the intelligence services of the EU.

The head of the service of counter-terrorism in Europe has warned that in the next five years Islamic state will try to “hack” systems of nuclear power plants or air traffic control. “Probably, by Russian hackers, which will be paid for hacking vital computer systems”, – stated in the message.

De Kerchove is convinced that to reduce the level of terrorist threat will only round-the-clock surveillance of the “most suspicious and dangerous” from the open jihadists, and the constant exchange of intelligence between the intelligence services of the countries of Europe.

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In 2016 on charges of terrorist activities were detained 1002 the person in 8 European countries. Victims of militant attacks over the past year, 142 people received information about 142 the facts of preparing, committing or prevent terrorist attacks (76 cases in Britain, 23 in France and 17 in Italy). Injured in terrorist attacks over the past year, 379 people.

IG can pay hackers from Russia for hacking into the systems of nuclear power plants – special services 01.09.2017

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