Private us company SpaceX yesterday, February 19, successfully made another “flight” of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 with Dragon cargo ship on Board. The last docking with ISS is scheduled for February 22.

SpaceX holds a license from the U.S. government for delivery of cargo into orbit: materials and equipment for scientific experiments and equipment multi-purpose use. In this particular getting in the way of other cargo, there is a strain of so-called superbugs – resistant to antibiotics of the microorganism. In weightlessness, the astronauts will carry with it various experiments.

The launch was held at the second attempt, as on 18 February, the team of the mission control center at the last moment postponed the start – discovered minor technical problems.

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After the first stage of the booster has worked the allotted time, she was separated from the rocket and after a few minutes landed safely on land in a designated place. Method reusable first stage allows the operator to save significant money.

Video: Youtube / SpaceX

Impressive video: landing of the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket 20.02.2017

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