In 2017 the world has killed at least 65 journalists while performing their professional duties, or in connection with its activities. This is stated in the report of the organization “reporters without borders”.

The organization noted that this year has killed less journalists over the past 14 years. Most likely due to the fact that journalists leave the countries in which the work was too dangerous, in particular from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

Were deliberately killed 39 of them, and in the performance of professional duties in consequence of hostilities or acts of terrorism – 26. Among the victims were 55 men and 10 women.

The most dangerous for journalists in countries in 2017 was Syria, Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Philippines.

Infographics about the dead journalists (photo

The report also remembered abducted on the territory of Donbass Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseev and blogger Edward Medeleeva: the crime was committed by militants in uncontrollable parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In the organization reported that Medeleeva the militants of the terrorist organization “LNR” in the summer was sentenced to 14 years in prison for Pro-Ukrainian position.

According to the organization, to the end of the year throughout the world there are about 54 of the kidnapped journalists. The majority of such crimes were committed in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Among the kidnapped one woman, the rest men.

Infographics of the abducted journalists (photo

In connection with professional activities 326 media professionals of the year are behind bars. Almost half of these prisoners are China, Turkey, Syria, Iran and Vietnam.

Infographics about the imprisoned journalists (photo

In 2017 the world has lost 65 journalists – reporters without borders 19.12.2017

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