In the video above: the July test intercept missile defense in Alaska

The missile defense Agency of the Ministry of defense has completed construction on the territory of Alaska of the complex to intercept ballistic missiles, which will be the frontline of defense against threats from North Korea and Iran. This is with reference to these officials from the Pentagon reports military news Defense News.

“On Thursday, November 2, established the 44th interceptor in the mine on the launch pad missile defense system in Fort Greely,” the military reported.

All 44 of the interceptor missile will be ready to repel threats to the end of the year.

The Pentagon and APRO in the US in recent months have indicated that the complex can be increased to ABOUT 64 missiles.

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THAAD – missile complex rolling land-based for high-rise natmosphere intercept medium-range missiles. Each THAAD system consists of five major components: interceptors, launchers, radar, fire control unit and accessories.


Missile complex at Fort Greely on the satellite image

In November 2017, the government of Sweden announced the beginning of negotiations for the purchase of U.S. Patriot missile systems worth more than $1.2 billion.

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In Alaska, deployed a missile defense shield to reflect missiles from Asia – photos 08.11.2017

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