Austrian police fined the man, who was dressed in a shark costume, in connection with the new law, which prohibits in public places to wear hats that cover the face. It is reported by the Austrian newspaper Heute.

It is reported that the man in the shark costume he worked as an animator on the opening of a new electronics store McShark (translates to Shark shark – ed.) in Vienna, which is a premium seller of Apple products. He danced and handed out leaflets.

It is also said that the fine related to the fact that when he was approached by police and asked to remove the head shark, he refused, citing the fact that does its job. When he was warned that arrest, he agreed, but got a fine of 150 euros.

“The shark was fined because he did not want to remove the mask”, – quotes the edition response, the chief of police Daniel Fürst, who confirmed the penalty.

On 1 October, in Austria it is officially prohibited to wear in public places, scarves or headwear that covers the face. First, the ban applies to such traditional Muslim garments like the burka and the niqab.

It was also reported that in addition to the traditional Muslim headwear banned medical and clown masks, balaclavas and respirators. However, they can be worn for medical reasons, during performance of professional duties, at festivities and carnivals.

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In Austria fined the man in the shark costume, according to the law on the burqa 10.10.2017

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