The Austrian government does not intend to cancel border controls on the borders with the Balkan countries, through which passed the so-called “Balkan route”. About it reports DW.

“We can’t have refugees were able to penetrate from within the European Union territory of the country, for example, Greece, to the territory of a non-EU country, say, Macedonia,” – said the foreign Minister of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

In his words, illegal migration cannot be stopped, not protecting the external borders of the EU.

“The Balkan route” should remain private”, – said Kurz.

According to him, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel began to pursue a policy of “limits and differentiation” in an attempt to cope with the migration crisis, the number of refugees has decreased dramatically.

“The gateway to Europe was opened. Now is the turning point. Border on the lock, and rates of smugglers has significantly increased. Illegal migration loses its appeal,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Austria.

Minister calls for reform of the Dublin agreement of 1990, under which the consideration of petitions seeking asylum rests with the individual States.

In his opinion, it is necessary to create a new agreement that would take appropriate decisions at the EU level. “The EU must adopt the basic principles of States such as Spain or Australia, who managed to stop the flow of refugees. Border for those who departed illegally, should be closed,” said Mr. Kurz.

August 16 on the train in Austria, a 60-year-old man, presumably a German citizen, was attacked with a knife and wounded two young men, 17 and 19 years old.

In Austria intend to protect its borders with the Balkan countries 19.08.2016

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