The world’s longest aircraft Airlander 10, which is a hybrid between a plane and a blimp, suddenly broke in half and crashed to the ground at the airport Cardington in Derbyshire. This is the BBC.

Company Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd, which owns the machine, said that he apparently was disrupted by a gust of wind from the docking mast, then the emergency system dropped the pressure in the tank with helium to provide the lifting force.

On Board the spacecraft at the time there were no people, but two people on the ground received minor injuries.

“Alarm system is designed to prevent damage to the environment in similar circumstances, – said in a statement. – Currently, the casing of the device is lying on the ground and secured to the edge of the airfield. The helium reserves and fuel on Board the spacecraft are not dangerous”.

“We will investigate the causes of the accident and estimate the volume of necessary rehabilitation works to be undertaken in the coming weeks,” the statement reads.

On Friday, a day before the incident, the unit Airlander 10 took off from the airfield Cardington and an hour later landed in the same place after a successful test flight. After that, the company Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd announced that is embarking on a new phase of a longer test flights. Such devices, said in a statement, the company will soon fly higher, faster and farther.

In August 2016, with one of the first test flights this is a machine rose too high, and the landing rope became entangled in high voltage transmission lines. The device is a length of 92 meters went into a dive and hit the ground. No one was injured.

In Britain crashed aircraft-airship Airlander 10 19.11.2017

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