There are several ways how to avoid a British exit from the EU, but the future of the country as part of a merger or otherwise depends on the decision of deputies of the British Parliament. However, the decision to ignore the results of the referendum will be perceived as highly undemocratic, The Mirror reports.

The first way of keeping Britain in the EU is early parliamentary elections. According to liberal commentator Mark Pack, to exercise this option you need a replacement leader of the main opposition parties – labour – Jeremy Corbyn Pro-European leader. If the conservatives lose the majority in the House of Commons, Pro-European new labour leader can declare that the Pro-European parties – labour, liberals, greens, Scottish and Welsh nationalists gained a majority and have the right to reject the vote for Brexit.

The second way is to reject the election results by decision of the Parliament to declare the referendum to be optional and Advisory. MP-labour David Lammy wrote in Twitter: “Wake up. We don’t have to do it. We can stop this madness by voting in Parliament. Our sovereign Parliament can vote on whether to leave the EU”.

Another possibility is a second referendum about membership in EU, petition which has already gained nearly 3 million signatures. In case it is held preferably in legislation, in particular the introduction of the proposed by the author of the petition rules, what if to stay in the EU or to withdraw from the Association, the vote at least 60% with a turnout of less than 75% must be assigned to another referendum.

Finally, it is possible not to apply article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty of the EU, which in a rather vague manner provides for a two-year exit from the EU. If the article will not be applied, Britain will not leave the Union.

23 June 2016, the majority of Britons voted for the UK withdrew from the European Union. 51,9% of the citizens voted for Brexit, 48.1 percent were in favor of preserving the country in the EU. 96% of Gibraltar’s electorate, 62% Scottish, 60% in London and 56 per cent of the Ulster electorate voted that Britain remained in the EU.

25 day of June, a petition to hold a new referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU gained more than 1.5 million signatures.

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