The owners of drones in the UK will in future have to pass exams on safety. This requirement is contained in the new rules of flying drones, the development of which is currently the UK government. According to the report on the website of the British government, the bill will be published in the spring of 2018. In the same year, new rules can come into force, reports the online edition of N+1.

Currently, the UK operates a so-called “code drones”. This set of rules of flights of drones, according to which the British operators are required to register and license the vehicles weighing more than 20 kg. the Drones must fly in the line of sight of the operator at a height of not more than 120 meters.

Private drones with cameras you can’t fly up to people, buildings and vehicles at a distance closer than 50 m. in addition, banned flights within a radius of 150 m from crowds and public events. Drones also cannot be flown near airports and heliports.

The new amendments prepared by the UK government, will toughen existing rules. In particular, the mandatory registration will be drones weighing more than 250 g. Thus, under this requirement will subject the vast majority of drones are commercially available. For registration of a drone after its purchase, the owner will need to first pass the exam on knowledge of rules of safe flying.

The new document also notes that although today in the UK and implemented the “code drones”, it is almost not executed, and because operators often violate the requirements of these rules. In the new rules, developed by the British government, the police will have the right, without special court permission to confiscate items drones or machines as a whole.

According to the preliminary version of the rules, the police can confiscate the drones if they violate the boundaries of the exclusion zone, approaching close to the airport or will fly to the prison. After the confiscation of the drone can be used as evidence of violation of the law.

According to the British research organization UK Airprox Board, in 2016 in the UK was recorded 71 cases of dangerous approaching of passenger aircraft with drones. Threat convergence in aviation is the convergence of plane with another plane at a distance less than 150 m.

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In Britain, the drone operators will take the exam for security 27.11.2017

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