The battle of elk and wolf lake in the canadian region of Northern Ontario was caught on video recorded by a camera drone. The video, which YouTube has already gathered over a million views, published a user Nystedt Dan (Dan Nystedt).

The footage wolf attacks standing in the shallow waters of the moose which in turn tries to scare predators away.

At one point, the wolf grabs the teeth on the leg of the elk for a long time and doesn’t let go. Moose tries to escape by going in great depth, and soon he succeeds.

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Escaping a predator, a herbivore takes away from the coast, but the wolf some time still haunts him.

In August 2017, media reported that in Sweden the video was filmed a rare white moose in the wild.

Video: YouTube / Dan Nystedt

In Canada, a drone took video of the battle of elk and wolf 13.10.2017

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