Today, December 21, in Catalonia held an early parliamentary election is related to the recent separatist scandal in this region of Spain. In the elections of local residents elected 135 deputies, writes Reuters.

It clarifies the Agency, among those political forces that claim to parliamentary seats, is the coalition “Together for Catalonia”, headed by the disgraced former Prime Minister of the Autonomous community of the Carles with Pusdienam.

“The Spanish government hopes that the elections would weaken the influence of the separatist parties in the Catalan Parliament, which will lead to the attenuation of their campaign to break ties with Spain,” writes the source.

According to recent sociological polls, ratings of the parties for the independence of Catalonia and unionists are “approximately equally”. If the election results are concerned, there will be regular local uncertainty: enemies on the political course will not be able to form a government.

If a serious advantage in seats in the Parliament will take the separatists, “the problem of Catalonia” will only intensify, says the Agency.

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Now Putteman a fugitive from the Spanish authorities in Brussels, but has the right to participate in elections. His main “ally” for the separatist efforts can become the party of the “Left Republicans” led by former Deputy Pokdemon Oriola Junkerism. This politician leads a campaign even more original ex-boss from prison.

Photo: EPA

October 1, 2017 in Catalonia was the so-called referendum on independence. In defiance of Madrid not without clashes with police the vote was held. On the illegal referendum with a turnout of 42.3% for the independence of the region spoke 90,18%.

27 Oct for secession from Spain voted by the regional Parliament, and the next day Madrid deprived Catalonia autonomy and took control of the regional government.

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In Catalonia the elections: one of the separatists runs from prison 21.12.2017

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