In China have arrested 52-year-old Gao Chen-young Chinese who was called “Jack the Ripper”. This writes Bi-bi-si.

He was detained in his own shop, which he owned with his wife. The man confessed to committing crimes during the years 1988-2002.

According to police, the victims, the men were mostly young women dressed in red.

The offender followed them to the house, where he raped them and killed. The man often slit their throats or dismembered. Youngest victim was a girl of eight years.

The police found a cash consideration of $30 million for any information that will help you get on the trail of a serial killer.

Eventually he managed to find thanks to the DNA of his uncle. Gao tracked down after his uncle was arrested for a minor offense and he was forced to give a DNA sample.

First kill Gao occurred in may 1988 when his first son was born. 23-year-old woman was found in the city of Baiyin with 26 stab wounds.

Then the killer followed the same pattern, he often focused on young women living in alone.

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In China arrested a wanted 28 years serial killer 30.08.2016

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