In the Chinese Hebei province archaeologists discovered a tomb which 2 thousand years. This publication reports Business Standard.

Archaeologists have determined that she most likely refers to the reign of Western Han dynasty.

Length of the tomb is 6,6 metres, width – six meters. Archaeologists say that it is similar to the tomb of Prince Liu, which was excavated in 1968. It experts have found a suit made of jade, decorated with gold wire.

The tomb was found 49 ancient objects, including ceramics, jade and bronze. Three holes found in the tomb that is believed, was dug by robbers. According to experts, some items were probably stolen from the tomb.

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24 November 2016, it was reported that scientists have found in Egypt a place they called the ancient city with houses, tools, huge tombs and utensils.

In China have discovered an ancient tomb 20.12.2016

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