The Colombian government is willing to pay $350 a month to farmers who voluntarily destroy the planting of Coca, which is the raw material for cocaine production. This is the BBC.

This program, the government has developed together with rebel group FARC.

In addition, farmers can obtain subsidies and credits, technical assistance and training for the transition to growing other crops, e.g. fruit trees or cocoa.

The government plans to spend on the program to support farmers $340 million officials emphasize that it will affect about 50 thousand families.

The program became part of the peace plan, which the government of Colombia signed with the FARC rebels. The Colombian Congress approved the deal on 1 December 2016.

According to the Agency, the FARC has long financed its activity with the production of cocaine. The group controlled a large part of the business of the drug trade in the country.

The government of the country concerned, after signing the peace agreement, the place of the FARC in the market for the production and the drug trade will attempt to get the other groupings.

The government of Colombia has set a goal to destroy this year’s 100 thousand hectares of Coca. However, authorities have not yet decided how to do it better.

About 64 thousand families in Colombia depend on trade with Coca leaves.

Recently in the South of England four children were taken to the hospital for fear that they may use cocaine in school, mistaking it for candy.

In Colombia came up with a way to combat the cultivation of Coca 28.01.2017

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