European automakers are increasing production of cars with gasoline engines against the background of falling demand for diesel cars and lack of demand for electric cars. This is reported by Vedomosti.

“Demand for electric vehicles is still too small, so they could replace a diesel car in the near future. Companies invest in the production of electric vehicles, but now more focused on increase of production of cars with gasoline engines and the development of more environmentally friendly diesel engines”, – writes the edition.

A diesel car until recently was the most popular in Europe, but broke out two years ago, the scandal with understating of indicators of harmful emissions by the Volkswagen group was a turning point. To it on diesel cars accounted for 53% of sales, and in 2016 – less than 50%, in 2017 will be 45%, according to the forecast of the research group LMC Automotive.

The drop in demand is explained not only revealed the fact that diesel cars pollute the air stronger than the state’s automakers, but the actions of the authorities. In Germany, for example, buyers were scared of the threats of politicians to prohibit the operation of diesel vehicles in cities. Sales of new cars with diesel engines fell in August, 2017 14% year-on-year, while gasoline increased by 15%. Increasing the share of electric cars and hybrids, but it is too small.

The demand for electric cars keep their high cost, limited mileage and lack of charging stations.

As reported, Volkswagen intends to increase the number of electric models from the current 30 to 80 by 2025 and to offer electric versions of all of their 300 models by 2030, BMW promises to produce 25 new electric vehicles and hybrids by 2025, Daimler plans to offer electric versions of all its models by 2022

“But in the near future, manufacturers are unlikely to start making electric cars. One of the top managers of Daimler told investors that the profitability of sales of electric cars will be twice lower than the traditional” – the newspaper writes.

In Europe, the growing production of cars with gasoline engines 15.09.2017

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