French children’s magazine Youpi withdraws from the sale of its entire January edition after the publication of controversial statements about Israel. About it reports Deutsche Welle with reference to the representative of the Parisian publishing house Bayard, which produces the magazine.

“The world’s 197 States, such as France, Germany or Algeria. There are other countries. For example, Israel or North Korea, but nobody recognizes them in these countries”, – noted in the caption to the political map of the world.

The scandal erupted after the wording drew the attention of the President of the CRIF, the Council of Jewish communities of France Francis King.

In his microblog on Twitter he demanded to withdraw the edition from sale, and to devote the next room Youpi the history of the State of Israel.

#YOUPI – Je me suis entretenu avec @PascalRuffenach, Président de #Bayard presse. J’ai demandé le withdrawal de la vente de #youpi qui mettent en cause l existence d’#Israel , et que le prochain numéro fasse l’objet d’un article sur la création et l’histoire de l Etat d Israël

– Francis Kalifat (@FrancisKalifat) 25 grudnia 2017 R.

“The basis for the creation of the state of Israel laid the so-called Balfour Declaration “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”, – stated in the message.

It was published on 2 November 1917 on behalf of the British Cabinet in the form of a letter of the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Arthur Balfour to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild.

In this document, the London expressed support for the idea of a Jewish state.

The state of Israel was created in 1947 by decision of two thirds of the UN General Assembly. The Arab countries did not support its creation.

6 December 2017, the US President, Donald trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Further back from tel Aviv, should move the United States Embassy.

Since 1967, the General Assembly and the UN security Council adopted several resolutions condemning the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem and denying the city’s status as capital of the country.

In France a magazine called Israel a “fake government” 27.12.2017

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