In France, 29 people were arrested during a major police operation at the railway station part-Dieu, reports RFI.

The police intervened because of the riots organized by a group of 40 hooligans. The entire operation affected about 200 passengers.

Train Paris-Evian, going from Gare de Lyon to Evian, was diverted to Lyon where the bullies managed to train.

“The controller was faced with a large group of hooligans and demanded the intervention of the police to control the situation”, – told reporters the representative of the French railway company.

About a hundred law enforcement officers, including national police, railway police, municipal police and soldiers of operation Sentinelle (Sentry), took part in the operation, dropping off from the train hooligans who, according to them, “I went to the event in the Alps”.

“Two carriages of the train was full of young people, many of whom were intoxicated and had committed acts of hooliganism, resulting in damage. It was not committed violent actions”, – said the representative of the Prefecture of police. Special damages, in his words, was dealt to the dining car.

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In France, for disorderly conduct on the train has arrested 29 people 14.01.2018

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