In France, on Tuesday, October 10, there were mass strikes against unplanned reduction of employees of the budgetary sphere. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

In different cities of France the shares have more than 400 thousand people. Evaluation of trade unions, Paris, to strike out 45 thousand people. Police said 26 thousand.

In the capital, the protest was peaceful, but in some places clashes occurred with the police. Protesters broke Windows of banks and a bus stop – police used tear gas.

Because of the strike canceled 30% of flights as well as lessons in schools.

For the first time in ten cases the trade unions in France have called for protests all 5.4 million employees of the public sector in response to the government’s intention to reduce 120 thousand state employees.

In September in Paris were mass protests against changes to labour laws. Sometimes they escalated into clashes with police.

In France I went to the meeting about 400 thousand state employees 11.10.2017

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