A court in Paris has sentenced 52-year-old Abdelhakim Dechra, the so-called “arrow Libération”, to 25 years in prison for attempted murder and unlawful imprisonment. It is reported by RFI.

The court thus satisfied the claims of the prosecution. Protection of Dechra did not exclude that will appeal against the verdict.

The court found that Dechar attempted murder of the chief editor of BFMTV Philippe Antoine and employee Libération Cesar Sebastien. On parole Dekar will be able to ask after only two thirds of the court-appointed prison term.

In November 2013 Abdelhakim Dekar appeared with a gun to the editor of BFMTV and threatened his editor-in-chief Philippe Antoine. Before hiding, Dekar told the journalist that “next time it will not miss” and left on the floor for two rounds. None of the staff BFMTV was not injured.

Three days later, Decher seriously wounded from a gun 23-year-old assistant photographer Sebastien Cesar in the newspaper Libération. The shooter then went to the business district of Paris La défense, where he opened fire on the branch of the Bank Société générale in the vicinity of two employees of the Department. He then grabbed a car, taking hostage of its owner.

Police searched Dekhera five days starting with his first appearance on TV channel BFMTV. He was detained November 20, 2013, on the denunciation of a friend, Sebastien Simonyan-Lemoine, who led the police to the car parked in the Paris suburb of Bois-Colombes. Dekar was in the car in polulations as a result of the medication.

Lemoine also appeared before the court. He was convicted of aiding and abetting DeCaro and that he gave him money and shelter. The court sentenced Lemoine to six months probation.

Dekhera lawyer explained that his client was headed “insult to society, the state and capitalism.” Abdelhakim Dekar, introducing himself as “intellectual”, has repeatedly said in the court’s political speech, which mentioned the colonial period of the history of Algeria, the crisis of the metallurgical industry in France and the problems of disadvantaged suburbs. He also accused journalists of “manipulating the mass consciousness”.

The defendant stated that he wanted “romantic death” wanted “to commit suicide in front of everyone” or to “kill the police”. From the first days of the process, he talked about his desperation and that he wanted “to scare, not hurt.” However, the assistant photographer Sebastien Cesar was severely wounded in the back: the bullet went in two millimeters from his heart. According to Dechra, wound Sebastien is his “tragedy”. “It has tormented me for four years,” he said.

Dekhera described as “aggressive” and “a pathological liar”. The lawyer explained that the defendant painfully experienced their inability to finish school, after which he introduced himself as an engineer, working as a janitor. As he said in court, the lawyer Dekara, a new crisis came after what happened in his life to family problems.

In France, imprisoned for 25 years encroach on journalists 25.11.2017

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