Federal prosecutors in Germany from January 2017 has opened more than 900 productions on terrorism, including more than 800 against radical Islamists. This was reported by Deutsche Welle.

For all of 2016 in Germany was opened 250 new cases of terrorism.

In connection with the sharp increase in the number of such investigations, the Deputy head of the Free democratic party (FDP) Wolfgang Kubicki called for an increase in the staff of justice. “Judicial authorities have the legal capacity to deal with the Islamists in any form. However, given the hopeless overload, we need more staff in the Prosecutor’s offices and in the courts,” he said.

According to Kubicki, the Islamists who are not citizens of Germany, should be subject to mandatory deportation, and the deportation order should be strictly enforced. As for the Islamists, the Germans, according to policy, them, after serving his sentence, should be placed under surveillance, and in some cases them to wear electronic shackles.

Meanwhile, the presiding judge in the higher regional court of düsseldorf Barbara Hafiza warned about the threat of Islamist radicalization in prisons. “Prison radicalisation processes should meet immediate resistance,” she said.

According to the judge, with the Islamists, after serving their sentences, should be set to a particular observation. “We need specially trained caregivers assigned to assist a parolee who know how to behave with persons who hold this worldview, and who can respond promptly to the renewal of tendencies towards radicalization,” she explained.

The Union of German public probation of Trustees criticized the proposal. “We are social workers. To perform criminological work in order to predict the risks – not our business”, – said the head of the organization, Holger Gebert.

According to the Federal office for criminal Affairs, currently in Germany there are 705 of radical Islamists who pose a threat to society. Many of them are already serving prison sentences, others are in pre-trial detention during the investigation against them.

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In Germany in 2017 opened 900 cases of terrorism 22.10.2017

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