The number of illegal migrants in Germany after the decline observed in recent months, will grow again. This writes the newspaper Welt, citing data from the Joint report of the center for analysis and strategies of illegal migration (GASIM).

“The security service believes that the number of asylum seekers in Germany in the coming months will increase. Some indicators give reason to expect the growth of illegal migration to Germany in the second half of the year,” the article says.

This conclusion is based on the analysis of the number of migrants arriving to the shores of Italy across the Mediterranean, the policy towards refugees in the Nordic countries, as well as the data police checks in July. The latter showed an increase in the number of cases of illegal crossing the border, mostly from Austria, during the G20 summit, when it was introduced border control, reports UKRINFORM.

As noted, in comparison with the year 2015, significantly reduced the number of crimes in the sphere of illegal human traffic/illegal migration, but this figure still significantly exceeds the average level of 2014.

According to the interior Ministry of Germany, the actual number of asylum-seekers in the first half amounted to about 90 thousand. Still most of them arrive in the country on the Balkan route. In this case, 24% of all newcomers were African.

According to the Federal office for migration and refugees (BAMF), in the first half of the year reviewed 122 thousand applications for asylum. This is less than in the same period last year, when it was considered 130 thousand applications. The big problem is still the identification. Very often the refugees say they do not have any personal documents. As officials believe, about 6% of asylum-seekers to provide falsified data.

Earlier it was reported that the naval forces of Germany from may 2015 rescued in the Mediterranean over 20 thousand people.

In Germany predict the flow of migrants in the second half 06.08.2017

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