In the territory of Hawaii issued a alarm for a rocket attack. A message was sent to numbers of all local residents, reports the AP.

“Ballistic missile approaching Hawaii. Immediately seek shelter. This is not a drill” was said in the SMS.

Photo: Twitter

In addition, a message was broadcast on local television.

Emergency service of the state immediately declared that anxiety is incorrect, stressing that there is no missile approaching the territory of Hawaii.

Message Hawaiian service chrezvychainym situations

Experts are studying the circumstances of the erroneous signal. Commentators have noted that the approach of North Korean missiles to Hawaii it would take 20 minutes, not 15 as mentioned in other SMS messages. In addition, the Hawaiian Islands, no fallout shelters, as if the alarm was real, the message of this nature would have received only a few authorized people.

Now it turns out, it was not the one hacking.

3 December 2017 in North Korea’s foreign Ministry said that the US President Donald trump “is begging for a nuclear war” and “organizes extremely dangerous nuclear adventure on the Korean Peninsula.”

In Hawaii mistakenly announced the alarm because of “rocket attacks” 14.01.2018

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