The Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament appointed on the 25 September referendum on independence. Reported by Deutsche Welle

For the first time in two years, the Iraqi Kurdish Parliament held a meeting this Friday, September 15, and voted to hold a referendum on independence autonomy from Iraq.

It is noted that against the referendum are Baghdad and Washington. Iran and Turkey also expressed their protest against this initiative, because in their territory there are the Kurdish minority and the authorities are afraid of separatist sentiment.

It is also said that, in August, Iraqi Kurds over the phone asked the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson with a request to cancel the referendum, as it may distract from more important issues such as the fight against the Islamic state (IG).

However, it is reported that even if the majority’s support for the idea of separation, does not mean that the Kurds will gain independence automatically. First and foremost, the move is aimed at getting more support in the negotiations on self-determination of the Kurds with Baghdad, which opposes the separation.

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In Iraq held a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan 16.09.2017

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