The detention in Belarus of the Ukrainian journalist Paul Sharoika, most likely, became result of joint operation of the Belarusian and Russian special services. This is stated in the materials of the investigation group of the military experts of Information resistance (is).

According to information from sources of IP in Belarus, in day of detention Sharoika met with the staff of speaker of the Kremlin TV propaganda NTV, which tried to give the journalist an alleged secret documents “of the General staff of the Russian Federation” – the “evidence” of the Kremlin’s plans to use the territory of Belarus for the attack on Ukraine.

Sharoika refused to take these “documents”, probably suspecting a provocation, according to the group.

On the way home from the meeting, the Ukrainian was detained by employees of KGB of Belarus. The EC believed that the detention of the journalist – the result of “a joint operation of the Belarusian and Russian special services”, as allegedly evidenced by their involvement in the provocation of representative of the propaganda resources of the Russian Federation.

Analysts also released photos of “document”, which is the media propaganda tried to convey Sharoika. The group came to the conclusion that it is a “fake real grifomania document in circulation, the defense Ministry of Belarus.” Fake could make either the FSB of the Russian Federation, or the Russian secret service in Belarusian KGB, I believe in IP.

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17 November 2017, it became known that in Belarus on charges of “espionage” detained correspondent of the Ukrainian radio, Ukrainian citizen Pavel Sharoika.

In August 2017 on the territory of Belarus was abducted Ukrainian Pavel Fungus, which is now in a Russian jail. Ukraine’s foreign Ministry said that the official Minsk continues to ignore the requests of Kiev on this issue.

In is called the detention Sharoika operation of intelligence services of Belarus and Russia 20.11.2017

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