In Japan this year, more than 500 local residents became infected with a mysterious and potentially fatal infection, a vector which is group a Streptococcus, dubbed “flesh-eating bacteria”. This was announced by national Institute of infectious diseases Japan, reports The Asahi Shimbun.

The report said that as of 10 December, recorded 525 people diagnosed with streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS). Of these, 66 patients in Tokyo, Japan.

Of the symptoms of the disease there are swelling, pain in hands and feet, fever, and malaise. The infection spreads throughout the body within hours and may lead to death. It is noted that the at risk people 30.

Physicians reported that their practice STSS is not uncommon, but the causative agent is not known, until recently, the bacterium was only discovered this year. Today doctors for the treatment of STSS using antibiotics based on penicillin, which is effective only at an early stage.

In 2016 in the US, an unknown infection has caused the death of 18 people.

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In Japan, 525 people were the victims of “flesh-eating bacteria” 26.12.2017

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