Japanese insurance company replaces 34 employees with robots. This is the BBC.

The insurance company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance dismiss employees. Their work according to the calculations of insurance payments is now automated computer system created on the basis of artificial intelligence.

The new system cost 200 million yen will be installed in January.

In the opinion of company management, this will increase productivity by 30% and save about 140 million yen (about us $1.2 million) per year on salaries.

Maintenance of the system, expected to cost only about 15 million yen a year.

“The system is based on Watson technology, developed by the Japanese division of IBM. IBM describes Watson as a “cognitive technology that can think like people.” According to developers, Watson can “analyze and interpret any data, including unstructured texts, images, audio and video”, – notes the edition.

Japanese insurance company will use artificial intelligence to gather the information necessary to pay the insured, by reading the information from the medical information and information about operations or the hospital stay.

Three Japanese insurance companies are also considering the possibility of introducing artificial intelligence system for optimization of system of selection of optimal conditions of insurance for clients.

A study conducted last year for the world economic forum, predicts that the increasing use of robots and artificial intelligence will lead to the loss of 5.1 million jobs over the next five years in 15 leading countries of the world.

A total of 15 countries covered in the study provide about 65% of the total workforce in the world.

On 18 July it was reported that the Tokyo Institute of technology engineers have designed a robot with artificial muscles.

In Japan, insurance company to replace employees with robots 06.01.2017

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