The militant Islamist Taliban argue that the current series of attacks in the Afghan capital costs. This is with reference to reports of local media writes Reuters.

“The Afghan Taliban said on Wednesday in Kabul, they attacked the headquarters of police, military facilities and the building of the investigation”, – stated in the message.

The building intelligence includes two jihadists, one of them detonated the suicide belt, and the second managed to shoot the officer.

The police report that the attack on various targets in the capital continue and are celebrated in two districts of the city.

Immediately after the explosions in some areas of the city there was a shootout between police and the attackers. Shot at the headquarters of the police near the school military training. One of the militants barricaded themselves in the room of the police Department.

As a result of terrorist attacks killed people, at least 35 people were injured, according to the Afghan Ministry of health.

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The militants of the Taliban led Afghanistan in 1996-2001. During this period, they imposed a brutal Islamist dictatorship and allowed Osama bin Laden to host a base of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda. After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in Afghanistan was conducted by the American military operation, which resulted in the Taliban lost control over most of the country, but continue to control vast areas.

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In Kabul, the Taliban staged a series of bombings, attacks continue – media 01.03.2017

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