In reserve in Kenya, experts managed to take video of the white giraffes with laicismo. This movie, according to them, was the third famous video of the white giraffes. About it reports The Guardian.

Recorded giraffes, presumably mother and child suffer from a genetic mutation called Laksman, which inhibits pigmentation in the skin cells. Unlike albinism, animals with laicismo continue to develop dark pigment in their soft tissues, which explains the dark eyes of the white giraffes and other dark elements of the painting.

“They were so close and very quiet and didn’t seem concerned about our presence. The mother kept walking back and forth a few yards in front of us, showing that the baby giraffe is hiding behind the bushes”, – said the employee of the Program for the conservation of Hirola (HCP), a non-governmental organization dedicated to the preservation of antelope hirola under threat of extinction.

As previously reported, the 2014 and 2015 years, researchers have discovered 381 new species of plants and animals in the Amazon jungle.

In Kenya took video of rare white giraffes 14.09.2017

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