The best way to stop the escalation on the Korean Peninsula due to the ongoing missile tests of the DPRK – the pressure on the totalitarian North Korean regime from his main ally and neighbor China. About the key role of Beijing in curbing Pyongyang’s Prime Minister Theresa may, reports Reuters.

“We want them to abandon those actions (development of missile program – ed.). We believe that the best way to do that is for China to exert pressure on North Korea,” said she.

In late July, the US President Donald trump said that “very disappointed” by China because of his inaction in connection with the threat from North Korea. Beijing retorted as follows: “we did Not create the nuclear problem with North Korea”, but later imposed severe sanctions against Pyongyang.

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8 August 2017, the US President Donald trump said that the DPRK “will meet with the fire and rage” if you will threaten America. According to media reports, the Americans could carry out a preemptive strike with bombers. North Korea made fun of trump’s words and said that it is studying plans for the missile strike at the United States military facilities on GUAM. It was later made public the details of these plans.

On the night of August 29, another North Korean rocket, launched under the supervision of dictator Kim Jong-UN, flew over Japan and fell about Hokkaido. Eun called it a “prelude” before launching missiles in the direction of GUAM.

Tokyo immediately convened a meeting of the UN security Council, where the actions of the DPRK called “outrageous” and declared the need for immediate concrete steps by Pyongyang to reduce tensions in the region.

For the strengthening of international pressure on the DPRK, made a speech, in addition to the United States, Japan, Britain, the EU and other countries, also Ukraine, Canada and France.

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In London believe that to curb the DPRK is best in China 30.08.2017

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