In Moscow, an attack on a member of the opposition to the Kremlin party Yabloko Natalia Fedorova. Unknown sprayed chemical solution in the face of the woman when she came out of his house, and fled, reported the Russian news Agency Interfax the head of the Moscow branch of Yabloko Sergei Mitrokhin.

“She is now in the First city hospital with burns of face and eyes, vision almost gone; the doctors say it should recover, but still unclear,” he said.

According to Mitrokhin, the attack can be connected with the Fedorova fight against the expansion of the store next to her residence building, which could lead to the demolition of her house. The politician said that the woman previously tried to intimidate the police “almost did not react”.

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Mitrokhin also believes that the attack is not connected with membership, in opposition to the regime of Vladimir Putin’s party.

12 APR 2017 it was reported that a court in Moscow fined the girl with become a popular anti-corruption photo stock 10,000 rubles ($175).

In Moscow the member of the opposition party were sprayed in face with chemical 28.04.2017

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