In occupied Gorlovka National energy company Ukrenergo has captured the Pro-Russian mercenaries. As reported ЛІГА.net employees, armed militants for several hours paralyzed businesses.

“They came to the so-called nationalization, threatened with confiscation of property”, – said the employee of the Marina.

According to her, allegedly failed to postpone the “spin” of the enterprise. “On what terms is unclear, many who have consistently received the Ukrainian salary, they will quit because they (terrorists – ed) warned that no premiums and allowances will not,” she said.

On the website of the Ministry of energy announced that “on 30 July a group of armed persons led by Director of electricity, the authorities created the so-called DNR took the room Donbas energy system (ES) SE NPC Ukrenergo, in Gorlovka” .

1, the leaders of the Donbass power system was not allowed to work. “The technical staff middle managers are forced to write statements about the transition in the state created by the separatists of the enterprise grid and follow the direction of his leadership,” the message reads.

“Such illegal actions are a flagrant violation of the Minsk agreements, Ukrainian legislation and the rights of its citizens”, – underlined in the message.

In the occupied Lugansk the staff of management of national energy company Ukrenergo while no threats were received.

The Cabinet transferred the SE NPC Ukrenergo dispatching of the grid occupied districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Previously this process involved a separate division of the Donbas electric power system of Ukrenergo national energy company.

According to ЛІГА.net the terrorists have declared that all the property of Ukraine on the occupied territories will be nationalized. She said that the property of the DNR terrorist organization acquires all large industrial enterprises of the region, who work in Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Ukraine resumed coal exports from the occupied territory of Donbass.

In occupied Gorlovka militants seized the building of NEK Ukrenergo 02.07.2016

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