The world’s largest trading platform Amazon will start accepting bitcoin as payment in October of this year, writes Squawker referring to the famous American investor and host of the popular podcast James Altucher (James Altucher).

Guide Amazon can make a statement October 26 during the next conference call. According to Altucher, this information confirmed to him personally by the head of Amazon Web Services Scott Mullins.

“I’m sure that Amazon will accept bitcoin. They have no other choice. And it will be the same turning point that will lead to the creation of enormous wealth, which we had never seen. It is also worth remembering about the historical company’s commitment to staying ahead of competitors in retail,” writes Altucher.

It is noteworthy that the main competitor eBay Amazon have already expressed interest in bitcoin as a method of payment. Of course, Amazon does not want to give this part of the market competitors.

Altucher recalled that in 2016, Amazon Web Services announced a partnership with the investment company Barry silbert of Digital Currency Group.

James Altucher – known figure in American financial circles. In the past, the Manager of a hedge Fund, he is also the founder of over 20 companies and author of 11 books and numerous articles in such publications as The Financial Times, The Street, TechCrunch, Seeking Alpha, Thought Catalog and The Huffington Post.

If the words of James Altucher untrue and Amazon will start accepting bitcoin, it may become a serious factor to promote the first cryptocurrency and the strong growth of its price.

In October Amazon will start accepting bitcoin for payment 26.09.2017

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