In a remote Peruvian village to Syringomas Alto residents, accused of witchcraft, a 73-year-old woman burned her at the stake. About this incident reports with reference to regional website El Nuevo Dia online ABCNews.

Before the execution of the 40 residents of the village “court” sentenced her to death, making a note about it in the local chronicle. One of the residents recorded the murder of Rosa Villar Haryanka that villagers accused of building damage, on a mobile phone.

The screaming woman tied up, thrown on a pile of sticks, doused with gasoline and set on fire. It happened September 20.

Due to the fact that the village is geographically isolated and there are no phone police on a tip someone from local residents has been able to get there only a few days after the incident.

Police found in the village the remains of the burnt women. The report stated that “inquisitors” continued to burn them for three days in a row, not to leave evidence.

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In Peru, accused of witchcraft burned elderly woman 29.09.2016

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