Polish company Lindab has denied allegations of discrimination of Ukrainians who wear blue-and-yellow form. This is stated in a statement on the website.

The company assured that strive to treat all employees fairly, equally and with respect.

Lindab is committed to equal treatment of all staff and people working in our company, which are used by foreign outsourcing companies. Actions that can be considered as discrimination, is unacceptable”, – said in a statement.

The company also stressed that for many years, Lindab abides by the highest standards of comfort of work, the rights of workers and security staff working at Lindab.

“One of the ways to ensure efficiency and safety in the workplace is the use of different colors of protective clothing to facilitate quick identification. For example, brigadisty can be easily recognized by the red shirts. The use of uniforms or, for example, protective helmets of different colors – it is a practical solution, used in large industrial plants around the world,” the statement reads.

According to the company, about a year ago, problems in communication arose in the production hall and warehouse due to the fact that not everyone spoke the same language.

“This was the cause of some stressful situations and misunderstandings, which often led to dismissals. We decided to enter model quick recognition languages which are used by individuals: employees who do not speak Polish, regardless of nationality, had to wear a different shirt,” reads the statement.

The company’s management believes that such decision allowed to organize an effective system of communication between employees

“Since the introduction of the new system, all employees who do not speak Polish, wear yellow shirts, as well as staff that can assist as interpreters – orange t-shirt. Selection of individual colors is not dictated by any hidden subtext. This change helped to overcome the difficulties associated with the language barrier. We have already sought legal advice to ensure that this decision is not contrary to applicable anti-discrimination laws”, – explained in the company.

9 January it was reported that an international company Lindab, which has production facilities near Warsaw, ordered the employees, who came from Ukraine, to wear a uniform in colors of the national flag.

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In Poland, the company explained the choice of the blue and yellow forms for Ukrainians 12.01.2018

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