Stones from the destroyed monument to soldiers of the UPA in the Polish village of Krusovice by order of the head of the commune Janusz Slavickova used to repair roads. This Slubicki said in an interview with Polish newspaper

The official admitted that it was he who decided to dismantle the monument. Although earlier it was reported that the structure was dismantled representatives of the Polish nationalist organizations.

Slabicky reported that cross from the monument was used by the poles in the other monument, “dedicated to the Ukrainians killed Ukrainians for helping the poles.”

On the question of what happened to the other elements of the monument, a Polish official said: “the Stones were disposed of. They serve Polish society. They strewed the road.”

Slabicky explained this decision by their unwillingness to Ukrainians from the remnants of the destroyed monument was made by relic.

“That’s why I have not done it. In any case, cynical. In another situation I would have returned these stones, but knowing how they will be used, we did as I said”, – said the head of the commune.

Gmina is the smallest administrative unit in Poland.

We will remind, on April 26, representatives of the Polish nationalist organizations was dismantled in the cemetery of the village near przemyśl Rusovici a funerary monument to soldiers of the UPA. The Ministry of culture of Poland stated that the destruction of the monument is legal.

In Poland, the stones from the destroyed monument of the UPA sprinkled the road 23.11.2017

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