Russian First channel cut out of the episodes of the third season of the American TV series “Fargo” replica, which refer to Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is reported by Meduza.

It is noted that such references were in two of the four already aired episodes.

In the second series in the original remark in a literal translation looks so: “Yes, in the brutal regimes you can still find relative stability in North Korea, in Russia, Putin is also well done. You just need to know who to give on a paw”.

In the dubbing of the First channel remark is this: “the relative stability exists only in totalitarian States. In North Korea, for example, where we only need to know exactly who to grease”.

In the fourth series hero-Ukrainian talks about his childhood Putin: “Putin is a childhood dream to work in FSB. He lived in poverty, she had kept a portrait of Berzin. Berzin went through 20 years, created the GRU and then the KGB. For him, he is the godfather. As a boy Putin went on Sambo became the master of the schoolyard. Understand that in Russia there are two different concepts of truth. The truth is for people, truth defines God. But there are still nepravda, that is a lie. It was her leader uses as a weapon. Because he knows things others don’t know. The truth is what he says”.

The translation on the First channel Putin was a faceless boy, “the Boy from childhood dreamed of becoming a spy. He lived in a communal flat, kept on the nightstand portrait Berzin. Berzin – who in 1923 created the GRU, the KGB and later the godfather. The boy soon went on Sambo and became the terror of the schoolyard. You see, in each language, the two words “truth”. Truth is truth people, the truth is God’s truth. But there is a lie is a lie. And this weapon, because someone knows and you don’t. The truth is only what exist in reality.”.

Translation of the series for the First channel did Moscow Studio Hey Bi Video. There questions are not answered and referred journalists to the channel.

In Russia from an American series, carved replica of Putin 15.05.2017

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