In Russia began a project-analogue of the Stanford prison experiment of 1971. It is reported by the Detector media.

The project called “Experiment-12”. It invested in the Russian media Manager, Creator of Lifenews Aram Gabrelyanov.

This is an Internet reality show that repeats the conditions of the Stanford experiment, but it can be observed around the clock online.

12 volunteers in 55 days closed in “prison” and all of the conditional divided into prisoners and guards. In the original experiment in a confined space for 14 days was 24.

Every week will drive out anyone least of all a virtual electronic currency, it must vote the audience.

The winner will be determined at the end of December.

The Stanford experiment was carried out on order of the Navy of the United States. He was interrupted before time – “the guards” began to be more inclined to sadism.

In Russia repeat the Stanford experiment in online mode 09.11.2017

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