Slovak court decision of December 20, 2017, pursuant to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration the claim of the company Yugaz arrested gas supplies from Slovakia to address Naftogaz of Ukraine. It is reported ZN.UA.

The final decision on the claim of the Italian company Yugaz the Stockholm arbitration court ruled on 19 December 2012 Although we are talking about the deal, 2007

The plaintiff appealed to arbitration with a claim against Naftogaz of Ukraine to recover the cost of delivered gas. To date, the total amount of the claim, including interest and penalties, is approximately $21 million.

At the same time, according to a source in Naftogaz, the company now explains the situation in Slovakia and also establishes who is legally authorized to represent the plaintiff, because, as to find out the original owner of the gas company Italy gas is in the process of bankruptcy. Naftogaz analyzes the situation to take appropriate action.

The Italian company tried to enforce the decision of the Stockholm arbitration 2012 in Ukraine, but to no avail. After that, under international law, she appealed to the courts of other countries, trying to enforce the decision of the Stockholm arbitration. The arbitration decision shall be presented in the courts of other countries for execution and executed according to internal procedures (laws) of those countries.

Naftogaz imports gas via Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. From Slovakia to 2017 was imported the largest amount – over 9 billion cubic meters.

As reported by the source publication, 3 thousand euros arrested in Belgium.

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In 2012, the Stockholm arbitration Tribunal ordered Naftogaz to fulfill a contract with Italian trader Italia Ukraina Gas S. p.a. (under bankruptcy), dated December 24, 2003 and to supply it with 13.1 billion cubic meters of gas in 2003 prices at $110 per thousand cubic meters. The court also ordered the NAC to pay the trader a fine of $12.7 million for the delay of delivery.

The terms of the contract between NAK and Italia Ukraina Gas signed at the time the Deputy Chairman of the Board Igor Voronin (business partner of Dmytro Firtash – ed.), envisaged the supply of gas in the period from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2013 in the amount of up to 1.3 billion cubic meters per year. In 2010, Naftogaz lost the first trial in the arbitration in which the company is required to reimburse $200 million damage. The NAC decided to challenge this decision on appeal.

In Slovakia arrested the supply of gas to the Naftogaz – media 21.12.2017

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