The militant Islamist group Al-Shabab attacked the military camp of the Kenyan military in southern Somalia. The militants say that as a result of their attacks killed 57 soldiers, reports Bi-bi-si.

According to the Islamists, they used car bombs, forcing soldiers to leave the base and flee into the woods.

A Kenyan military statement called the militants propaganda. According to them, the attack was repelled and the militants suffered losses of tens of people.

Last time militants Al-Shabab predprini large-scale attack on based in Somalia Kenyan military just over a year ago – January 15, 2016. Then they claimed to have killed more than 100 soldiers.

Two days ago, on 25 January, at least five people were killed and dozens were wounded in the attack of a suicide bomber belonging to Al-Shabab. He sent a car Packed with explosives into popular among the local politicians and businessmen, the hotel in the capital Mogadishu.

The radical Islamist group Al-Shabab, which has close links with the terrorist organization al-Qaeda based in Somalia and has been fighting against the Federal government.

In Somalia, the Islamists said the killing of dozens of Kenyan soldiers 27.01.2017

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