In South Africa, a kitten was born with two faces – Janus cat. Despite the fact that usually animals with such anomalies do not last long, Betty Bee shows good health indicators, reports ABC.

She was born in East CAPSA, South Africa, December 12, along with two other cats.

Now her owner writes in Facebook that the animal feels well.

Betty Bee is a cat of Janus (Janus cat). This name was coined by the British zoologist Charles Suker, it is based on the name of the Roman two-faced God Janus.

Domestic cats with this anomaly are extremely rare and usually die young, but Betty Bee’s eating and gaining weight, according to healthy normal. According to the owner that the cat is eating with both mouths.

In the Norwegian capital Oslo home cat, snuck into the washing machine, survived 40 minutes of washing at 30 degrees.

In South Africa, was born Janus cat – a cat with two faces: video 23.12.2017

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