In Sri Lanka, clashes occurred between representatives of the Buddhist and Muslim communities. Four people were injured, 19 arrested by the police. About it reports Reuters.

As noted, this year there is a growing tension between the two communities. Some radical Buddhist group accused the Muslims that they are forcing people to convert to Islam and destroy Buddhist monuments.

Some Buddhists also protested against the presence in Sri Lanka, Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

Police said that the violence was caused by rumours and fake messages on social networks.

“It was a clash between small factions of extremists in both ethnic groups,” said a police spokesman in Rowan of Gunasekera.

One of those arrested – a woman who had spread false allegations that Muslims are going to attack Buddhist temple.

Buddhists make up about 70% of the 21 million population of Sri Lanka Muslims – 9%.

In Sri Lanka have been clashes between Muslims and Buddhists 18.11.2017

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