A court in Switzerland considers the case of a 31-year-old woman from Winterthur, who after embracing Islam was trying to travel to Syria to join the terrorist group Islamic state (IG). It is reported by Blick.

The report said that in December 2015, Francis S., along with his four-year-old tried to travel to Syria via Greece and Turkey. She wanted to get into the city of raqqa, which but that time was in fact the “capital” of the Islamists. The woman was detained by Greek police, and upon returning to Switzerland she was arrested at the airport in January 2016.

The Swiss attorney General’s office filed an indictment for crimes provided in the law against terrorist groups. It is noted that she was influenced by Internet propaganda, after she converted in 2009.

It is also said that this is only the second such case in Switzerland, which concerns the so-called “Islamic tourism”. Before her, in 2016, the 26-year-old man was convicted of attempting to travel to join ISIS, and received 18 months imprisonment.

On 8 December the government of Switzerland proposed to allow house arrest for persons posing a security threat, even if they are not suspected of a particular crime.

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In Switzerland, judge a woman for trying to join ISIS in Syria 16.12.2017

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