At least three senior leaders of the terrorist organization Islamic state in Syria and Iraq died as a result of military operations. This was announced by the Pentagon, reports UKRINFORM.

Confirmed the death of terrorist Abu Faisal and his Deputy Abu qudaamah al-Iraqi in Syria. They were killed in the result of operations conducted on 1 December.

During the airstrike on the locality of Sharqat in Iraq killed a terrorist Mustafa Kamal Jasim Muhammad.

In April 2015, the media reported that the leader of the IG al-Baghdadi allegedly died from his wounds. Later The Guardian reported that he was still alive, but “completely paralyzed”. These data have not been confirmed. At the end of 2016, the US state Department increased the reward for information about al-Baghdadi to $25 million.

16 June 2017 in Russia has said that it is “checking data” on the destruction on may 28, al-Baghdadi air strike of Russian air force “command post during a meeting of Isil leaders” in the southern suburbs of the Syrian Raqqa. July 11, in the Iraqi province of Nineveh, an unnamed source among Islamists “confirmed rumors” on the elimination of al-Baghdadi, but these data were not confirmed officially.

In Syria and Iraq destroyed three leaders of ISIS – Pentagon 20.12.2017

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